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NeuroPlus Reaches Kickstarter Goal

We’re excited to share that we have reached our NeuroPlus headset Kickstarter fundraising goal. Due to the support of nearly 400 backers, we reached our $100,000 goal with a week to spare! 

Reaching this goal has officially put the NeuroPlus headset into production. After working with the specialists to complete testing, NeuroPlus headsets are on schedule to be shipped to customers early December 2017.

“The team and I are so grateful to have received this level of support,” NeuroPlus CEO Jake Stauch said. “We want to keep the momentum high and are focused on reaching our stretch goal to bring greater access to EEG data.”

Hitting $150,000 will allow the NeuroPlus team to build a research kit so individuals can use the NeuroPlus headset to record raw EEG data and complete EEG experiments. The research kit will enable users to visualize their raw EEG and waveband data (alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves, etc.) in real time, while also providing tools to conduct experiments to see their brain’s response to different stimuli.

We hope the research kit will help neuroscience research step outside of the lab and into more practical settings where people live, work, and play.

For those looking for additional autonomy, we previously announced that we’re producing a Unity SDK to allow other developers to create games compatible with the NeuroPlus headset.

The API will have access to real-time attention, accelerometer data, raw EEG, waveband magnitudes, device battery and contact quality, plus other detections that we’ve not yet finalized. Some of those might include detecting smiles, frowns, blinks, and jaw clenches. Raw EEG will be passed along to the user’s application at the full data rate of 512 Hz. The higher-level detections will be updated at least twice per second, and acceleration 20 times per second.

“We love the creative suggestions we’ve received in the past from our users, and think that opening up our platform will provide NeuroPlus customers with more original content,” said Stauch.

Our Kickstarter campaign will be live until October 27, so if you or someone you know might be interested in getting the NeuroPlus headset, you can still pre-order. Early backers can still take advantage of purchasing the device for the NeuroPlus headset and a year subscription at a discount.


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