Introducing Andy, NeuroPlus Customer Success Manager

Introducing Andy

Since our crowdfunding efforts, we’re getting ready to introduce ourselves to lots of new members of the NeuroPlus community. We’re all so excited, but none as much as Andy, our Customer Success Manager!

NeuroPlus Customer Success Manager Andy Roth

Andy agreed to answer a few questions. Here’s a bit from our conversation:

Tell the people a little about yourself.
NeuroPlus is my fourth startup, always on the business side. (I am no software developer.) I got into startups after graduating from Duke Law with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. Before that I was a professional actor in New York City. I’ve had several different careers, and the two things they all have in common are that they’re all high energy and involve working closely with others towards a larger goal. I love contributing to the team – the more collaborating I do with my colleagues, and the more contact I can have with our users, the more I love my job!

Personally, I had a great year watching my hometown Houston Astros win the World Series. Pretty sure my feet haven’t touched the ground since that happened. I recruited half the NeuroPlus office to play trivia because it’s so much fun! I also really enjoy watching movies. It’s hard to choose just one favorite, so some standouts for me are When Harry Met Sally, Rushmore, The Princess Bride, Singin’ in the Rain, The Goonies, and Ikiru – if I really want to be pretentious.

What do you see your role being on the team?
I’m a talker. I love talking to people. As Customer Success Manager, I’m here to make people comfortable with our technology and the investment of time and resources they’re making to train their brains. If I can make anything a little easier for our users, I want to do that.

What makes you excited about work right now?
People can’t wait to get started with the NeuroPlus headset, and I’m counting down the days until we ship them out! I want to get the headset into people’s hands and hear their thoughts about it. In preparation for that, I’m working on different formats to get feedback.

What kind of feedback?
All kinds! If it’s good, I want to hear about it. If it’s bad, I want to hear that too. I’m here to solve any problem, but I need to know about it first! I really want to be an advocate for the users and make sure we’re making a product that people want to use. We already know from the science that it works, so I’m always asking myself, “How can we make people love NeuroPlus?”

You mentioned the science. How important was that for you before joining the team?
Highest importance. I can empathize with people who want to understand how NeuroPlus works. I’m not a science person, but my fiancée is a PhD candidate at UNC in the Psychology Department. I wanted to be sure that I was joining a team that was doing good work that wasn’t slimy or selling a “fad.” I wouldn’t put her work to shame. After going through the research, she agreed how it could help and I was hooked.

Are you a gamer?
Right now I’m playing a lot of Axon because who doesn’t want to be a dragon? I don’t currently play a lot of traditional video games, but I have a soft spot for old school Nintendo games like the Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden series.

If you want to learn about getting the most out of your training, have a technical issue, or a suggestion you’d like to share, you can reach Andy at

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