Child with long hair playing NeuroPlus training game on tablet device

Customer Spotlight: Kate

We recently spoke with Christian, a father of 2nd grader Kate, who started training with NeuroPlus at the beginning of the summer.

“This system just made sense,” mentioned Christian, when asked about why he was initially interested in NeuroPlus. “My daughter was already playing a lot of games on the phone and tablet.” In a time where devices rule, it was appealing to Christian to let his daughter play a game and practice the skills that would help her excel. “It’s packaged well and has all the components that you’d need.”

Kate’s been engaged in training, and he’s already started to see changes in Kate’s focus and impulse control. At the end of the last school year, Kate could do about 12 addition or subtraction problems in 1 minute, getting distracted and having difficulty focusing on the task in front of her. Christian set up a program with Kate this summer, training with the NeuroPlus games and keeping her math skills sharp, they’ve already seen dramatic improvements.

“I can say that we’ve seen nearly 100% improvement on this task. I just tested my daughter and she was able to complete 22 problems in 60 seconds,” Christian said.

Kate’s just started the new school year and Christian has high hopes that continued training with NeuroPlus will help Kate permanently stop using the medication to help her focus. “She’s already saying, ‘I don’t need the medicine,’ and I hope we can finally end that soon.”

We asked Christian if he’s tried out the games at all. “Yes, and they’re no joke,” Christian laughs. “The games let you know when you’re distracted and losing focus, but they’re fun. I’m happy we found NeuroPlus.”

We’re excited to follow Kate’s growth in the new school year! If you’re interested in learning how to train your focus while playing a game, you can learn more at our website, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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